By Crystal Theatre Inc. (other events)

2 Dates Through Nov 05, 2017

This big musical set in South Norwalk, 1907, is the third installment in Cheryl E. Kemeny’s “Ellis Island Trilogy”.

Irish immigrant, Kate O’Reilly, and her friend Zsuzsi have witnessed the murder of Kate’s husband, Timothy. They must now hide out from his murderer, Doyle Callaghan, an NYC underworld boss. They travel with another friend, Dinah, to South Norwalk where Zsuzsi’s Hungarian family lives. They set up a hat shop and Kate becomes embroiled in the intrigues of competing local choruses who use her as bait in order to secure the services of local Italian super-tenor Aldo Salvatore.

Romance, comedy,secrets and murder combine in this tale that details the lives of Whistleville’s (the Bouton St-Lexington Ave area of South Norwalk) immigrant inhabitants as well as those of the uptown Norwalk establishment.

Performed by a talented cast of high school and adult actors.


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