Trolls Class Spring 2018

By Crystal Theatre Inc. (other events)

2 Dates Through May 20, 2018

Take a journey to the mountains of fairy-tale Norway, where beautiful Forest Trolls and frightening Mountain Trolls rule.

The humans living in the villages and cities have little contact with these creatures and have been wantonly cutting down trees for firewood without warning the trolls who live among the branches, thereby inadvertently killing them. War is declared and humans are not allowed to enter the forests. In a short time all trees outside the forests have been cut down and the ruling Queen becomes depressed at her inability to fight the war and to warm her people. She longs for something “green and alive” and her loyal prime minister, handsome son and troll-faced daughter hold a contest to cheer her up—the prize being marriage to the prince or princess.

A widow who lives on the edge of the forest has 3 young daughters. They have raised a tree from a pinecone and the mother returns to the Queen to offer it. As it is too dangerous to travel with the tree, the Prince, Minister and Princess go home with her only to find the tree stolen by their resident House Troll and the 3 girls missing. All are kidnapped and brought to the 5-headed Mountain Troll King for justice.

Performed by students 4th-8th grade



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