Put Your Money on the Bunny (2022)

By Crystal Theatre Inc. (other events)

Saturday, November 19 2022 12:00 PM 1:00 PM EDT

The story of the Tortoise and the Hare will never be the same! Yes, the overly confident Hare challenges the optimistic Tortoise to a race BUT it grows into The Race of the Century according to the Woodland Paparazzi, newspaper reporters and famed talk show host, Zsa Zsa! Both sides hire coaches, sports doctors, sports psychologists, and publicists in hopes of winning big. The Hare even goes so far as to find a mad scientist whose newest invention is a jet fuel potion! The fix is in when Big Tony and his Gang appear on the scene…or is it? Written by Sally and George Lombardo with many roles! Many songs! Many laughs! Sally Szabó-Lombardo directs & choreographs and Lászlo Balázs serves as musical director.

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12 June Avenue Norwalk, CT 06850