Hungarian Nights

By Crystal Theatre Inc. (other events)

2 Dates Through Aug 05, 2017

Hungarian Nights …a romantic gothic musical
By Cheryl Kemény & Mariner Pezza

Featuring special guests from Budapest, Hungary—The Liget Dance Ensemble

Passion and longing erupt in the Hungarian night when the re-incarnated wife of Count Dráco (Ilona) returns to save his soul from eternal damnation. He had succumbed to the dark powers 500 years early when his wife died in a horse-riding accident.  The Prince of Darkness turned him into a vampire and he has searched for her through the aether since, in hopes that they may spend eternal life together.  Can Ilona succeed in convincing him to repent or will she be overcome by the sin of loving too much? Sucked into the swirling events are a band of gypsies, a sweet Hungarian peasant girl and an unsuspecting Hungarian-American cousin who has come to Hungary seeking to hire gypsy dancers and riders for his employer’s (Buffalo Bill Cody) new show.  The 22 Hungarian Liget Ensemble dancers will add incredible excitement and authenticity to this show, first produced in 2010 and later at the New York Musical Festival (2012) as a staged reading with an all-star Broadway cast.


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