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"A Spinning Tale": Celebrating 35 Years of Crystal Theatre

By Crystal Theatre Inc. (other events)

Saturday, April 22 2023 6:30 PM 9:00 PM EDT

Join a cast of 25 Crystal Theatre alumni from the past 35 years as they present the rollicking off-Broadway hit, "A Spinning Tale" for our 35th anniversary benefit! Written by Cheryl & Alexandrea Kemeny and originally produced by Mariner J. Pezza, the show features a beautiful Miller’s daughter, her exaggerating father, Sidney, and his bumbling Cronies, as well as a greedy, hard-of-hearing King Maximillian, his man-crazy wife, Regina, her gorgeous French ladies-in-waiting, a handsome Prince, a lonely elf with a crazy name and assorted friends from the village of Bam. Your ticket includes a buffet dinner following the performance and access to our silent auction and raffle, which includes tickets to hit Broadway shows, offerings from current Broadway stars, and more! 

Performers include: 

Samantha Frattallone - Rumplestiltskin

Max Helfand - Sidney

Nicole Monahan - Melinda

Matthew Surapine - King Maximillian

Gisella Surapine - Janey

Emily Katz - Queen Regina

Chris Faccenda - Prince Rupert

Claire Kenny - Yvette

Sophie Katz - Musette

Gillian Eckert - Suzette

Laszlo Balazs - The Page

David Jackins - The Drunken Guard

Jessica Febbraio - The Puppet Bird

Christina Van De Water - Snob

Heidi Xethalis - Beatrice

Allie Shapiro - Snob

Laura Sette - Snob

Samantha Tuozzolo - Edwina

Evan Stelly - Bobo

Michael Harris - Henry

John Church - Ralph

Sally Szabo-Lombardo - Helga


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